Catch the New York fall foliage on a cruise

Fall is a season that’s loved by many, especially when it’s not raining. And as soon as it settles in, people start talking predominantly about apple picking and the foliage. My first time in the United States I lived in Vermont for three months. Everyone can testify that’s the best state in New England to see the foliage. My Kmart colleague where I had worked even wrote me a letter about how she went to see the foliage. That’s how excited everyone is about it around here. Unfortunately I had to leave back to college in Romania before I could actually see the tree colors changing. So last year when I was already living in New York I heard the foliage “talks” again. I found this cruise to Bear Mountain that would take you on a three hour foliage sail. My friends and I were a bit too late to the show, so the tickets were sold out. However, this year we were ready to witness the changing leaves. We bought tickets for 13th of October (lucky day as it was very sunny) on this website for $54. Find out about our day and all about the cruise through the photos below.

We “set sail” early morning at 9am. The terminal is at pier 83. So take any train to Times Square and walk west on 42nd street until the Hudson River. The Circle Line logos can’t be missed. Come early if you want to catch good spots in the outdoor seating area.

Everything is Oktoberfest themed with live oompah music, German food and beer (available for purchase). So I had a bratwurst with sauerkraut for breakfast. Yum!

After around three hours of sun, some foliage here and there, a little wind and a hundred photos later, we arrived at Bear Mountain State Park, our destination for the next two and a half hours.

We took a nice walk and arrived at Hessian Lake  where the foliage was best seen through our sun glasses 🙂 or with a little editing help. The real life was very nice too, but not as nice as the photos below.

After circling the lake, which took about 25 minutes we took the hike up  the hill to check the beautiful view (around 20 minutes up and 12 minuted down). The hike is pretty easy to do as it’s all stairs. It gets a little crowded, but it’s definitely worth it.

All in all today was an amazing day. Even if the foliage was not the one I was dreaming of and the cruise was a little crowded and noisy, being in nature and enjoying the weekend with close friends is one of my favorite things to do. We also had the best German beer on our way back and less wind on the open deck. Enjoy the foliage! It has just started.

For more ideas on where to do some leaf-peeping this year in the New York area, check out the article here.

P.S. This last photo is true to its color.


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