That evening when I saw famous people

My brother went to New York a few years ago. And by some fortunate event, he was just around Broadway when Denzel was playing. And by an even more fortunate event, he got tickets in the first row. Ever since then, every time we speak about his time in NYC, he brings up the story of how that happened and how amazing the experience was.

So now that I am in the Big Apple myself, I am thinking – why don’t I go look for a Denzel play? Off I go on the world wide web, I figure he’s playing the Iceman Cometh. The plot doesn’t seem extremely interesting, but it’s Denzel, so I need to offer myself this gift (thank you @Jane M- this is actually from you). I already know this tip that you can get discounted tickets from Times Square just the night of the play – I pass the crowds and get the ticket. I grab a slice of pizza from a place that looked somewhat like a dump – and either I am super hungry or thepizza is really good – topped with mozzarella and a huge portion of veggies, so yummy. I walk toward the theatre that is just steps away from Times Square.

Theatres on Broadway have strict rules – once you go sit at your spot, you’re not allowed to get back to get a drink or use the restrooms. Similarly, if you need to get out during one of the acts, you’re only allowed to come back at the break. You’re not allowed to take photos and can’t look at your mobile during the play, as the ushers will be close by trying to “get you”.

So, as I sit quietly in my chair, the row just before the last one, I notice that the people in the last row are invited to take sits that are closer to the stage. At that moment, I think to myself…too bad I wasn’t sitting there. I wish I would get closer to the stage. And as the lights turn off and the play is about to start, I notice that this tall guy takes a sit to the edge of the last row. He’s wearing a hat and I can’t really see his face. But once the play starts he takes off his hat….NO way, this guy is famous, I take out my phone at the risk of being caught by the vigilant ushers and I search “Liam Neeson” .. the resemblance is uncanny. So I guess, I am lucky after all. I am not much of a stars fan, but to think that I am so close to these famous people, it’s still super exciting. So I keep on discreetly checking out Liam throughout the play. I find it interesting that no one went up to him, though I think there were a few who recognized him. Oh well, next time! I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities in this amazing city. I will not say anything about the play, as I don’t want to spoil the Liam Neeson moment, except that Denzel didn’t disappoint.


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