Great Washington State road trip

After visiting beautiful Seattle we set off on a short adventure around the Washington State. We stayed with friends who live in Wenatchee the world capital of apples. Yes, I had not idea how to pronounce that either, so when I first learned about the city I used to call it Witchita. If you’re curious to hear how Wenatchee is pronounced check it out here. Also, the meaning of the city’s name is  “river flowing from a canyon”. It’s about 150 miles (240km) away from Seattle that is, in case you don’t have a flat tire like we did. Then it turns into a slightly longer time :).

Snoqualmie Falls

After picking up the rental car from Budget (not recommended) we stopped to see a beautiful scenic attraction 25 miles from Seattle: Snoqualmie Falls(meaning “moon”).

Pybus Public Market

The evening in Wenatchee was nice and quite, had a great dinner and met new, interesting people. Next morning we started on our little road trip with a stop at the market: Pybus Public Market. We had a quick and very good breakfast here at Cafe Columbia. I also purchased a red clover tea body lotion from the friendly owner of local KR Farms.

Badger Mountain Road and the Tree of Pain

Next up we took the scenic way towards the wineries. Badger Mountain Road in Douglas County offered us view of the beautiful and very common cloud inversion natural phenomenon. A cloud inversion, also known as a “temperature inversion”, occurs when the air near the ground is cooler than the air above it. The phenomenon gives the effect of a stunning fog sweeping across the affected area. And since we are in the apple capital of the world we stopped on a side of the road orchard to buy local apples too.

Karma and Fielding Hills wineries

Lake Chelan is a famous area for some of the best wineries around. In case you didn’t know Washington state is the second best in terms of wines after California. Lake Chelan is one of Washington’s larges bodies of fresh water. It’s amazing any direction you look and gives you the feeling of being fully disconnected. I’m a pretty light weight so we only tried two wineries – Karma was the first one. They have a pretty good deal: tasting three wines only costs $5 and it’s definitely more than just a taste in each glass. They are more famous for sparkling wines. Our favorite was Fielding Hills and I loved everything about it: the view, the tasting room and the wine! We left home with three bottles of tasty red wine.

Forest adventure

After mexican dinner in Chelan we headed back to Wenatchee to visit friends who are building a house up on the hills of the city. We sat by the fire having the local Rainier beer (the Washington version of Bud), talked and admired the night time valley view. We took the little monster adventure car for a ride into the woods searching for wild life. We weren’t look, or maybe we were :). The thrill was there though, even without the wild animals.

Chinook Park

The next day we decided to go on a hike and enjoy the great outdoors. We recharged at Mela Coffee Roasting Company with coffee and a yummy veggie omelette. Before getting to the trail our friends recommended we took a detour to Chinook Park at Crescent Bar, a beautiful landscape by the Columbia River.

Icicle Gorge Trail

Once we reached the start of the trail there were a couple of options for different routes. Don’t be fooled by the one that’s called the “View trail” – it barely had any view. It’s better to just take the fool loop across the river. It will take you about two hours, it’s pretty every step and more of a walk than a hike, so don’t worry if you’re not in your best shape.

Leavenworth – the Bavarian town

Yes, you heard right…there is a Bavarian town all the way in Washington, United States. Given its natural beauty of the North Cascades and the resemblance to the Bavarian Alps region of southern Germany some smart people recreated the town as a Bavarian-style vacation destination. Learn more about the town’s history and how it came to be here. Even though the temperature was low we still needed a local IPA after our forest stroll. We tried the Icicle Brewery and had a great pizza at Tumwater Bakery & Pizza.

Thank you for the great experiences Washington. I will be back!

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