Learn how to take care of indoor plants

If there was internet while my mom was raising us, I am sure she would have been a #plantfluencer. If you’re wondering what that is, I was in the same boat until yesterday when it was revealed to me. As the name obviously indicates, these are Instagram gurus of plant knowledge and plant show off.

When we were little my mother used to grow and take care of so many indoor plants from ferns to cacti, rubber tree, snake plant and so many others. So, as you might imagine, my mother is talented in so many ways which I unfortunately didn’t inherit – like taking care of plants and cooking. Side note, she even has her own blog where she posts her recipes! Check it out here and let me know if you need a translation to any of the recipes as they are all in Romanian.

Going back to indoor plants, there are so many opportunities to learn anything in New York City if you are willing to pay a dollars. As a reason to celebrate new chapters for my friends, we went to a plant class in hipster Brooklyn. I’ll leave a link to more options at the end of the article, but the one we attended is organized by Brooklyn Brainery and is called “Growing plants indoors with science and magic”

We learned about the history and the different types of plants. Things that used to bore us when we were little became all of a sudden extremely interesting. From there, we discussed many of the common problems you confront when taking care of plants and how to solve them and how to use the “magic device” provided to check the humidity level and diagnose your plant. Lastly, we re-potted the famous ZZ plant and took it home with us in a cute terracotta pot provided.

The new Plantfluencers: Kiki, Diana and Jane

To continue the celebrations and because the day was a perfect fall day, we went for brunch and continued our “plant theme” day at a nearby spot called Flora. Everyone there was very friendly (they even accommodated our newly acquired plants on their bar) and the food was great; almond milk latte aside…

Finally home, I found a spot for my first ever plant that I hope I won’t kill. Luckily, this is suppose to be one of the easiest plants to take care of.

If this raised your interest in plants, here is a list of 10 classes you could take in the city to either refresh or enlarge your plant knowledge:

The 10 best spots for plant classes in NYC

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