Off the beaten path: Red Hook, Brooklyn

That Sunday I woke up late after two party nights, something I haven’t done in a while…but hey…this is the city that never sleeps…so I can’t sleep either.

After wasting some of my time on Instagram and other completely unlucrative habits such as eating, cleaning my place and taking the trash out, I decided to go out for a coffee and do some reading at one of my favorite spots near my place.

I get there with my coffee but just under the spot there’s a big Oktoberfest party. It’s kind of loud but I decide to stay for a while. I manage to read a few pages, have my coffee and get sun burnt by the surprising October sun.

As I am near the water and these are probably the last days of sunny weather (I was mistaken), I decide to do one of my favorite activities in the city: take a ferry. It’s the weekend so the Ikea ferry is free. I hop on board and decide to explore the Brooklyn area where the pier is. It’s called Red Hook and by the time I left it, it definitely got me hooked.

Here is my day in images and just a few words, because sometimes…that’s all you need.

Setting sail on the East River and this magical view happens.

Anchored on the Ikea shore. Walking towards the “City Center” –  Van Brunt Street.

I was late for the museum. The Red Hook Waterfront Museum is housed in a railroad barge.

Another amazing view, walking by the waterfront. This place is so quiet, it doesn’t feel like New York at all.

Beachside bar like atmosphere…

After immersing into these new places anyone would get hungry and so I did. I found this cool local spot: Good Fork.

You can’t really tell, but this is a very tasty curry flavored fish (my apologies to the Chef if I’m incorrect:)).

Going back to the pier, I once again admired the Statue.

And this mystery person leaning over a piano or just checking his Insta.

Is there a more glorious way to end this magical day other than fireworks? I guess not.

Lesson of the day: Find magic in the small things because any ordinary day may turn into an extraordinary one. Lesson two of the day: Enjoy your own company more than anything, because at the end of the day that’s who you spend most of the time with.

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