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Being a tourist in what I call my home now, I went to visit One World with my family when they were here last September. This is an experience I highly recommend even though it’s all enclosed as compared to Empire State Building or Top of the Rock which both have outdoor space. I will not spoil the surprises of the tour for some of you who haven’t been there yet, but one thing I liked is that they have a guide who gives you the history of the five New York City boroughs in maybe thirty minutes. The story is sprinkled with real life facts as well as interesting insights into the lives of New Yorkers since its settlement in 1624. Being that our guide Mike was so knowledgeable I asked him what are his recommendations for off the beaten path things to do in New York. He mentioned three:

  • Greenwood Cemetery (I know, it sounds weird but it’s actually more of a park with a great view of Manhattan). They also offer tours and there’s an open doors event where they take you on a tour of the most famous tombs. You can get it for $25 here.
  • City Island – this is a small walkable island that’s part of Bronx. You can enjoy fresh seafood like softshell crab, a quirky antique store, sailing and more. Read all about my experience on the island here.
  • Open House New York also known as OHNY

What is Open House New York?

It’s a three-day event where hundreds of architectural sites and cultural venues will open to the public, including many that are normally not open to public. While the majority of sites open during OHNY Weekend are Open Access and can be visited free of charge and without reservations, some sites and tours require reservations due to space or security restrictions. Information about all sites and tours can be viewed at  Reservations Day is October 8, 2019 at 11AM. Get more details and tips on how to get your reservations here.

When does it take place?

This year, Open House New York will take place on October 18-20, 2019.

What can you see at OHNY?

There are more than two hundred locations you can pick from this year, so my advice is to visit the Open House New York (OHNY) website, create an itinerary and prioritize what you want to see. Plan your journey here.

Last year I went to see the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) – Constructed by the US Army in 1918-19, BAT served as a major military supply center for nearly 50 years. Currently it houses a hub for modern industrial businesses, entrepreneurs, and working creative families in New York City. How to get there – take the NYC Ferry from Wall Street to Sunset Park.

This year I have my eyes on the Brooklyn Navy Yard – one of the nation’s first naval shipyards (1801-1966). This Yard launched some of America’s most famous fighting ships. See more details here.

Where will OHNY take you?



Photo Credits: OHNY website (Brooklyn Navy Yard and Morgan Library)




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